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Alison sitting on a sofa with a rainbow throw behind

Welcome to my Therapy Space

I see clients in person at:

Therapy room, with sofa and chairs

The Bay Therapy Centre, West Bridgford
Tuesdays and Thursdays

 Therapy room with sofa and chairs

The Humber Therapy Centre, Beeston
Mondays and Fridays

Both centres have a private car park and are easily accessible by public transport.

Ground floor rooms can be arranged

Client using a fidget toy

It is important that the therapy space feels calm and welcoming. The rooms can be adapted to meet sensory needs, for example:

  • Lighting can be adjusted

  • Blinds can be closed to reduce visual distractions

  • Throws and weighted blankets are available for proprioceptive feedback

  • Fidget toys are available for client use

  • Sufficient space to walk around the room or sit on the floor

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